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 Hi, I’m Dj U4Ya, I have remixes signed with Clubstream Records (Sweden), Loaded Records (UK), Cold Rockin Records (UK) and Dansant Records (Sweden) that are out or soon will be at all major mp3 shops. Here are 14 of my remixes, please take listen and see if you would like to add any of them in you rotation on BPM. I also included a CD#2(mp3 cd, not an audio cd) with the extended mixes and radio edits, so if you like any of them you can use them in your dj sets. My E-Mail:

This note as a webpage, here is the link:

  1. Tom & Hills - Here And Now (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) ***

2. Jake Cusack & Steve Kimber - It’s In The House (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) *** 

3. 8 Ball AKA Darren Tate Ft. Little Neve White - My Cruel Heart (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) >>>

  4. The Boy Wunda - Everybody (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Cold Rockin Records (UK) >>>

5. TKV - In The Air (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Dansant Records (Sweden) >>>

  6. Wideboys & Majestic - In The VIP (U4Ya Remix Edit) / Loaded Records (UK) >>>

7. Eleftherios Mukuka Ft. Alan Thompson - Heart (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) ***

8. TKV - Tekno Disko (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Dansant Records (Sweden) >>> 

9. Ben Royal - Eyes Of Love (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Dansant Records (Sweden) >>>

  10. SAM - Passion (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Dansant Records (Sweden) >>>

11. Protoxic & Tetra Ft. Starla Edney - Avalon (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) >>>

12. Ben Royal Ft. Kate Walsh - Home (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Dansant Records (Sweden) >>>

13. Matvey Emerson Ft. Deniz Reno - Rock My Body (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) >>>

14. CryoState - The World (U4Ya Radio Edit) / Clubstream Records (Sweden) >>>

>>> -OUT NOW at all finer mp3 shops           

*** -To Be Released SOON

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